Pablo Vittori is a seasoned consultant with over 30 years of experience in the technology consulting industry. He is an expert on Technology Disruption with a strong background in this field. His extensive experience includes multiple technology, operations, and sales roles. Pablo has also founded and led several successful businesses, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to identify market opportunities.

Pablo’s entrepreneurial journey began in the late 90s when he founded, one of the pioneers of web design and internet-based application companies. Through his leadership and vision, the company quickly became one of the most respected and successful in the industry, providing innovative solutions to clients across various industries. In 2008, Pablo founded BeApp, one of the first software boutiques for iOS and Android mobile applications, further demonstrating his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends.

Pablo’s experience also includes working at global companies such as HP Services, where he served as Delivery Manager for the financial vertical, serving the GMAC account for the Latin American region. At Globant, he held various positions, starting as Studio Partner for the Mobile & IoT Studio and later as CTO for Latin America and Managing Director for the West Coast of the US. In these roles, Pablo worked on accounts such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Zynga, eBay, PayPal, and others, delivering innovative solutions that drove business growth and improved operational efficiency.

After leaving Globant, Pablo worked as an Advisor in several companies, helping to improve operations, capacity, recruiting, and product processes. This includes companies such as Making Sense, Nubox, N5Now, BGH Tech Partner, TGA Company, and Nubiral. Pablo’s expertise in these areas allowed him to provide valuable guidance and support, helping these companies achieve their business objectives and reach new levels of success.

Pablo holds a degree in Systems Engineering from the National Technological University, where he learned the fundamentals of technology and software development. He has also completed various courses and trainings at prestigious institutions such as IAE and EDDE, where he enhanced his skills in leadership, management, and strategy.

Today, Pablo serves as CTO of Making Sense, a digital product development company based in Palo Alto California with operations in US, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Chiles and also is the founder of Vittori Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in Technology Disruption. He uses his extensive experience and expertise to help his clients stay ahead of the curve, identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends to achieve their business objectives. He is passionate about innovation and excellence, and is dedicated to delivering outstanding service that exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Pablo is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences and events. He is also an active member of various industry associations. He is a contributor to leading industry publications, sharing his insights and expertise with a wider audience.

Overall, Pablo’s diverse experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to any organization. He is passionate about helping his clients succeed, and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.

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